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Southwest Pumpkin Pizza

1 pizza crust
1 15 oz. can solid pack pumpkin
1 1.13 oz. (or 4 tbs.) taco seasoning blend
1 lime
2/3-1 package of FYH cheese, nacho flavor (OR cheese sauce from cheesy bean and cheese enchiladas)
1/4 c. black beans
1/4 c. red bell pepper
1/4 c. green bell pepper
1/4 c. sweet onion
1/4 c. black and green olives
cilantro, avocado, salsa, and 'sour cream' to garnish

1. Prepare your favorite pizza crust as directed. (If you're using a pre-baked crust preheat the oven to 425F)
2. Combine canned pumpkin with taco seasoning and juice of 1 lime
3. Spread spicy pumpkin mixture on crust
3. Top with shredded cheese and between 1-1 1/4 c. of your favorite southwest veggies (suggestions above)
4. Bake for approx. 15 mins., then broil for 1-2 minutes (watching carefully!) until cheese is melted
5. Garnish with your favorite taco condiments

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